Dr Aswathy Sheela Sudhakar

Dr Aswathy Sheela Sudhakar

DipPrimary Care Dentistry(Ireland)
Associate fellowship World Clinical Laser Institute USA

Specialist Periodontist and Aesthetic Dentist, completed MDS in Periodontology in 2017 ,and has been serving as Assistant Professor and Consultant at multiple clinics in India. Also earned a Diploma in Primary Care Dentistry, Royal College of Surgeons ,Ireland and Fellowship in LASER ,WCLI 2022.

Member of Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland and Glasgow, Indian Society of Periodontology and World Clinical Laser Institute USA.

Areas of expertise : Diagnosis,treatment of complex periodontal (gum) diseases, aesthetic crown lengthening and gummy smile treatments,Hard and soft tissue grafts for regeneration, use of LASER for Gum depigmentation,Root coverage using Minimally Invasive procedures and Aesthetic Dentistry procedures.

Emphasis on providing comprehensive periodontal treatment and systematic maintenance programme to ensure overall health and improve quality of life of patients.


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